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In the February 2015 issue

Las Vegas, baby!
Katie Laurie is off to compete at the World Cup Finals in Las Vegas after a super season on Dunstan Kiwi Ironmark, as Rowan Dixon reports

For the good of the horse
Helen Firth was ringside for Manolo Mendez' recent classical dressage clinic in Matakana

When the heat is on...
Dr Lucy Waldron looks at the link between nutrition and heat stress in horses

The countdown to HOY
Three more of the Kaimanawa stallion challenge trainers reveal what their muster horses have been up to in the lead-up to HOY

Claire chats…with Tim Douglass
In a new monthly feature, Claire Wilson interviews a show jumping star

Not such a cushy little number
Cushing's disease is on the rise but there's a herb to help, as James Hart explains

And much more....
  • Our month: Readers share their horsey adventures
  • Transitions: Big strides for Amanda Wilson, Eventing's HP squad annoucement, RIP Richard Meade
  • Back in the saddle: The trials and tribulations of a returning adult rider, with Shelley Bridgeman

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