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In the May 2015 issue

Winter is coming
James Hart gives some timely advice on preparing your horse for the season ahead

Lest we forget
The thousands of New Zealand horses who served in WWI have been remembered with pride and full honours at a ceremony in Canterbury

Balance & commitment
A cross-country clinic with Jock Paget

2015 Horse of the Year Show
Full coverage from the best and biggest equestrian show in the land

Commonsense clipping
A practical guide to pre- and post-clipping care

And much more....
  • Our month: readers share their horsey adventures
  • Equitak Excell Masterclass: US Show hunter guru Dale Pederson helps a rider with her green ex-racehorse
  • Welcome to the World: readers share their new season foals
  • Back in the saddle: The trials and tribulations of a returning adult rider, with Shelley Bridgeman
  • Kihikihi international horse trials

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